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It also broke records in Spain, Brazil, Central America, and the U.K. according to Deadline. If all of this interest means you missed out on getting a seat to watch your ideal screening, here are alternative ways you can catch Who We Will Have Been.

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If you don’t manage to get out and see the film in a movie theater, you’re facing an unfortunately long wait to see it in your homes. While some Marvel movies have been released on the streaming service Disney+ either alongside a cinematic release or a couple of months afterward, it’s currently unclear when Who We Will Have Been will become available online.

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Movie: Who We Will Have Been 2021

Title : Who We Will Have Been

Release date : 2021-05-05

Company :Future Space, Next Film, TVN

Running time : 81 minutes

Synopsis :

Filmmaker Erec Brehmer’s world collapses when his longtime partner Angelina Zeidler dies in a car accident. Using personal videos, photos, voice messages, diary entries and music they shared, he creates ways of meeting and loving her again despite her absence. “We don’t talk about the dead, even though that’s the only thing we can still do” once someone is gone. And so, Who We Will Have Been is less a documentary and more a mode of communication with the deceased, where slow motion, reverse and soundbites taken in a totally different context suddenly give profound meaning and subtext. When Angi asks in a saved video “Am I still in time?” it resonates with deep, universal, spooky-action-at-a-distance significance. Do we still exist in time without a body and out of mind? Brehmer’s powerfully emotional and absorbing meditation on living with loss recognizes that grief changes, but never really ends, like love.

The cast and crew of Who We Will Have Been have been announced. The film is being directed by Andrew Francis, Ashleigh Ball, Brian Drummond, who wrote the screenplay for Who We Will Have Been: Homecoming, are returning to write the script for this film.

After being teased for a long time, Marvel finally announced the upcoming Who We Will Have Been release date. 2021-08-03, the new event series will be hitting theaters and digital platforms.

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